Factories and industrial buildings

The architecture of an industrial building is determined by the parent company. Among these buildings, laboratories, factories, production units, R&D centres, etc.

From the idea to the product : the different stages of an industrial chain

Preparation of the raw material

Preparation of the raw material

In a production line, the preparation of the raw material depends on the product to be manufactured and the sector of activity. The processes differ according to the specialities.

Assembly techniques


The assembly of a production line includes the technique of mechanical assembly. This machining technique is considered a process, more techniques on global-serviceindustry.com.

Packaging and wrapping

Packaging refers to the action of wrapping a food product. It can also be a sales and presentation package for the goods.

Boilermaking and piping

Customised plastic Boilermaking and piping

Plastic Boilermaking is an activity that consists of working plastic materials to make thermoplastic equipment and unit parts. Thermoformed plastics are lightweight, corrosion-free and flexible.

Thermoformed plastic products are used in several fields : pharmaceutical, health, food processing, chemical industry, IT and aeronautics.

What are the basic tools of analytical chemistry?

Analytical chemistry is the part of chemistry that deals with the analysis of products, i.e. the recognition and characterization of known or unknown products.

This ranges from production monitoring (checking that a production line produces a product in compliance with specifications) to police investigation (determining the nature of a trace, the origin of a soil, a paint…). ). More details on groupe-cca.com.

Industries and new technologies

Extractive industries

Extractive industries

Extraction of mineral products

Manufacturing industries

Processing of goods

Tertiary sector and services

Tertiary sector and services

Trade and administration

Quality management in the industrial sector

Quality management, also known as quality management, holds all the concepts that make it possible to satisfy the customers of an organisation. Its objective is to provide products and services that meet their expectations.

Quality can be based on compliance with the requirements of a reference system, specifications, terms of reference, regulations, etc. Quality management has four groups of activities : insurance, control, planning and quality improvement.

Made in France

Made in France, French industrial know-how

Other than the plastics industry in France, a non-food product is not required to have the made in France origin mark. Manufacturers who decide to do so must comply with the rules of origin relating to the EU Customs Code.

These rules are valid when the production resources of a product come from various countries. In order to enhance the origin of a product, manufacturers can make use of several indications or labels from private bodies such as professional associations, more details on industry-leaders.net.

Industrial shelving and storage platforms

Automated warehouses

Metal shelving

Handling equipment

Handling equipment

The latest innovations in Industry 4.0